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The DATA SHEETS collection of drawings of New South Wales Railways locomotives, wagons, buildings and structures are produced to further modellers and enthusiasts appreciation of these subjects, many of which have already been consigned to history. This site will guide you to the collection and indicate what future drawings are planned. On the availability page you will find details about how to purchase copies of the drawings.


I've really neglected working on new sheets for so long now - life has been hectic.

BUT - I'm now starting to put things in order and get back to doing what is important - getting on with drawing new sheets and a new project. So, this is the state of things at the moment;

  • Please note that I no longer have a PO Box - please direct all mail to;
  • Data Sheets, 12 Whalan Place, Kaleen ACT 2617.

  • All sheets are currently available, and are now printed on-demand so the paper is always fresh.
  • Having now 'semi retired' from architecture I have a little more time to be giving to producing new sheets, and will (at last) complete the SMR 10 class later this year.
  • In recent times there have been some excellent models produced of the CF/TF stainless steel interurban cars, and I will postpone drawing these until a later date.
  • I have started working on a new series of coloured drawings that depict the liveries that have been used by the NSWR on their locomotives and carriages from Loco 1 until the 1950's. These are ostensibly for the purpose of illustrating an upcoming book on the subject, but will later be available for purchase as individual sheets.
  • I have been able to collect some information recently about some of the early NSWR locos and coaching stock, and will be giving these subjects moe attention in the future.
  • I will soon set up a FaceBook page for Data Sheets to facilitate discussion, feedback, questions and news.
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