Name GANO, Richard Montgomery
Born June 17 1830, Bourbon Cty KY
Died March 27 1913, Dallas TX
Pre-War Profession Doctor, politician.
War Service 1861 Capt. in Morgan's cavalry, Kentucky invasion, 1863 Col. of 7th Kentucky Cavalry, transferred to Trans Mississippi, Camden campaign, appointed Brig. Gen. by Kirby Smith (confirmed by President Davis in March 1865).
Post War Career Clergyman

Name GARDNER, Franklin
Born January 29 1823, New York NY
Died April 29 1873, Vermillionville LA
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1843, Mexican War, frontier duty, dropped from rolls May 1861.
War Service March 1861 Lt. Col. of CSA infantry, commanded a cavalry brigade at Shiloh, April 1862 Brig. Gen., Kentucky invasion, December 1862 Maj. Gen. (confirmed June 1864), commanded at Port Hudson (s), exchanged after one year, served in Dept. of East Louisiana Mississippi and Alabama.
Post War Career Planter.
Notes Stubbornly defended Port Hudson.

Name GARDNER, William Montgomery
Born June 8 1824, Augusta GA
Died June 16 1901, Memphis TN
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1846, Mexican War, resigned January 1861.
War Service 1861 Lt. Col. of 8th Georgia, First Manassas (w - incapacitated for field service), November 1861 Brig. Gen., commanded District of Middle Florida, Olustee, 1864 commandant of prisons east of the Mississippi, Richmond.
Post War Career

Name GARLAND, Samuel Jr.
Born December 16 1830, Lynchburg VA
Died September 14 1862, Fox's Gap MD
Pre-War Profession Graduated VMI 1849, lawyer, Capt. of Lynchburg Home Guard militia.
War Service April 1861 Capt. then Col. of 11th Virginia, First Manassas, Dranesville, Willliamsburg (w), May 1862 Brig. Gen., commanded Garland’s Bde/D H Hill's Divn at Seven Pines, Seven Days, Second Manassas campaign, South Mountain (mw).

Name GARNETT, Richard Brooke
Born November 21 1817, Essex Cty VA
Died July 3 1863, Gettysburg PA
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1841, Seminole war, resigned May 1861.
War Service 1861 Maj. in Confederate army, November 1861 Brig. Gen. in Provisional Army, commanded Stonewall Bde in Shenandoah Valley campaign, Kernstown (charged but not tried by Jackson), commanded Garnett’s Bde/Pickett’s Divn at South Mountain, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg , Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg (k).
Notes At Gettysburg, he was too ill to walk and rode at the head of his troops.

Name GARNETT, Robert Seldon
Born December 16 1819, Essex Cty VA
Died July 13 1861, Corrick's Ford VA
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1841, Mexican War, Commandant of cadets at West Point, Maj. 9th Infantry, resigned April 1861.
War Service April 1861 Adjutant General of Virginia troops, June 1861 Brig. Gen. in Provisional Army, commanded in Northwestern Virginia, Corrick's Ford (mw,c).
Notes Designed the Great Seal of the State of California. First General from either side to fall in battle.
Further reading
Guie, Heister Dean Bugles in the valley; Garnett's Fort Simcoe Yakima WA 1956

Name GARROTT, Isham Warren
Born 1816, Anson Cty NC
Died June 17 1863, Vicksburg MS
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, politician
War Service 1861 aided in recruiting 20th Alabama, Col., Mobile, Port Gibson, Vicksburg campaign, Vicksburg (k), commission as Brig. Gen. (June 1863) received after his death.

Name GARTRELL, Lucius Jeremiah
Born January 7 1821, Wilkes Cty GA
Died April 7 1891, Atlanta GA
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, politician, US congressman.
War Service 1861 raised 7th Georgia, May 1861 Col., First Manassas, January 1862 resigned to sit in Confederate Congress, returned to army, August 1864 Brig. Gen., recruited four regiments of Georgia reserves, opposed Sherman's march, Coosawhatchie (w).
Post War Career Lawyer
Notes A strong opponent of the Davis administration.

Name GARY, Martin Witherspoon
Born March 25 1831, Cokesbury SC
Died April 9 1881, Edgefield Cty SC
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, politician
War Service 1861 Capt. in Hampton Legion, First Manassas (commanded Legion), Lt. Col., May 1862 Col., Peninsula, Second Manassas, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg, Suffolk, Chickamauga, Knoxville, May 1864 Brig. Gen., commanded a cavalry brigade in Hoke’s Divn in Petersburg campaign, after Appomattox joined President Davis in his flight.
Post War Career Lawyer, politician

Name GATLIN, Richard Caswell
Born January 18 1809, Lenoir Cty NC
Died September 8 1896, Mt Nebo AR
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1832, Mexican War, Seminole war, Utah expedition, April 1861 captured by Arkansas state forces at Fort Smith.
War Service 1861 Adjutant general of North Carolina and Col. in Confederate army, July 1861 Brig. Gen., commanded Department of North Carolina, criticised for loss of Fort Hatteras and New Bern, relieved of command, September 1862 resigned commission, served as state adjutant general.
Post War Career Farmer

Name GHOLSON, Samuel Jameson
Born May 19 1808, Madison Cty KY
Died October 16 1883, Aberdeen MS
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, politician, US congressman, judge.
War Service 1861 Pvt. in Mississippi state forces, Maj., Col. of 14th Mississippi, Fort Donelson (w,s), exchanged, Iuka, Corinth, Maj. Gen. of state troops, May 1864 Brig. Gen., commanded a cavalry brigade in Dept. of Mississippi and East Louisiana, Egypt MS (w).
Post War Career Politician

Name GIBSON, Randall Lee
Born September 10 1832, Woodford Cty KY
Died December 15 1892, Hot Springs AR
Pre-War Profession US embassy attache in Madrid.
War Service 1861 adc to Governor Moore of Louisiana, August 1861 Col. of 13th Louisiana, Shiloh, Kentucky campaign, Chickamauga, January 1864 Brig. Gen., commanded Gibson’s Bde/Stewart’s Divn in Atlanta campaign, Franklin and Nashville campaign, defended Spanish Fort near Mobile until he led an escape.
Post War Career Lawyer, elected to US congress but was refused his seat, later served, US senator.

Name GILMER, Jeremy Francis
Born February 23 1818, Guilford Cty NC
Died December 1 1883, Savannah GA
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1839, engineer officer, resigned June 1861.
War Service September 1861 Lt. Col., chief engineer to A S Johnson, Fts Henry and Donelson, Shiloh (w), chief engineer of Dept of Northern Virginia, head of Bureau of Engineers, August 1863 Maj. Gen., Charleston defences, Atlanta, Savannah.
Post War Career Civil engineer, railroad business.

Name GIRARDEY, Victor Jean Baptiste
Born June 26 1837, Hirsingue, France
Died August 16 1864, Fussell's Mill VA
Pre-War Profession Emigrated 1842.
War Service 1861 1st Lt. and adc of 3rd Georgia, Capt. and staff officer to Gen. A R Wright at Seven Days, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, 1864 transferred to Gen. W Mahone's staff, organised counterattack at the Crater, July 30 promoted from Capt. to Brig. Gen., killed while resisting a Federal assault on the Darbytown Road.
Notes The promotion to Brig. Gen. was unique in the Confederate service.

Name GIST, States Rights
Born September 3 1831, Union Dist. SC
Died November 30 1864, Franklin TN
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, Brig. Gen. in South Carolina militia.
War Service 1861 Adjutant and inspector general of state troops, Fort Sumter, aide to Gen. Bee at First Manassas, March 1862 Brig. Gen., South Carolina coastal defences, J E Johnston's relief expedition to Vicksburg, commanded Walker’s Divn/Reserve Corps at Chickamauga, Chattanooga, commanded Gist’s Bde/Walker’s Divn in Atlanta campaign, commanded Gist’s Bde/Brown's Divn at Franklin (k).
Further reading
Cisco, Walter Brian States Rights Gist : a South Carolina general of the Civil War Shippensburg PA, White Mane Pub. Co. 1991

Name GLADDEN, Adley Hogan
Born October 28 1810, Fairfield Dist. SC
Died April 12 1862, Corinth MS
Pre-War Profession Cotton broker, postmaster, Seminole war, Mexican War
War Service 1861 Lt. Col. of 1st South Carolina, Col. of 1st Louisiana, Pensacola, September 1861 Brig. Gen., Corinth, commanded 1st Bde/Withers' Divn at Shiloh (w), died six days later.

Name GODWIN, Archibald Campbell
Born 1831, Nansemond Cty VA
Died September 19 1864, Winchester VA
Pre-War Profession Miner, rancher, politician
War Service 1861 Maj., asst provost marshal in charge of Libby Prison, July 1862 raised 57th North Carolina - Col., Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville campaign, Gettysburg, Rappahannock Station (c), August 1864 Brig. Gen., commanded Godwin’s Bde/Ramseur’s Divn in Shenandoah Valley campaign, Third Winchester (k).

Name GOGGIN, James Monroe
Born October 23 1820, Bedford Cty VA
Died October 10 1889, Austin TX
Pre-War Profession West Point class of 1842, but did not graduate, Texas army, established mail routes in California, cotton broker.
War Service 1861 Maj. in 32nd Virginia, Peninsula campaign, staff of McLaws, staff of Kershaw, at Cedar Creek commanded Conner's brigade, December 1864 Brig. Gen. - later cancelled, Sayler's Creek (c).
Post War Career

Name GORDON, George Washington
Born October 5 1836, Giles Cty TN
Died August 9 1911, Memphis TN
Pre-War Profession Surveyor
War Service 1861 Drillmaster of 11th Tennessee, Capt., Lt. Col., December 1862 Col., Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Chattanooga, Kennesaw Mountain, Atlanta, August 1864 Brig. Gen., commanded Vaughan’s Bde/Cheatham’s Divn at Franklin (w,c), imprisoned at Fort Warren until the end of the War.
Post War Career Lawyer, railroad commissioner, Indian agent, school supervisor, US congressman.

Name GORDON, James Byron
Born November 2 1822, Wilkesboro NC
Died May 18 1864, Richmond VA
Pre-War Profession Merchant, farmer, politician.
War Service 1861 Pvt. in Wilkes Valley Guards, 1st Lt., Capt., Maj. in 1st North Carolina Cavalry, Lt. Col., July 1863 Col., September 1863 Brig. Gen., commanded North Carolina Cavalry Bde, Bristoe campaign, Sheridan's raid on Richmond (k).

Name GORDON, John Brown
Born February 6 1832, Upson Cty GA
Died January 9 1904, Miami FL
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, coal mine operator.
War Service 1861 Capt. in the Raccoon Roughs which he had raised, April 1862 Col. of 6th Alabama, Sharpsburg (w), November 1862 Brig. Gen., commanded Gordon’s Bde/Early's Divn at Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Wilderness, May 1864 Maj. Gen., commanded Gordon’s Divn in Shenandoah Valley campaign, commanded II Corps in the retreat to Appomattox.
Post War Career Lawyer, politician, US senator, governor, wrote memoirs, first commander in chief of United Confederate Veterans.
Notes A good fighting general, involved in post-war disputes especially with Longstreet.
On the Internet Portrait of Gen. J B Gordon
Further reading
Eckert, Ralph Lowell John Brown Gordon : soldier, southerner, American Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University Press 1989
Gordon, John Brown Reminiscences of the Civil War Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University Press 1993

Name GORGAS, Josiah
Born July 1 1818, Dauphin Cty PA
Died May 15 1883, Tuscaloosa AL
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1841, ordnance officer.
War Service April 1861 Maj., chief of Ordnance Bureau, directed collection and distribution of arms and ammunition, purchasing material in Europe, establishing factories throughout the South, November 1864 Brig. Gen.
Post War Career Businessman, educator, wrote memoirs.
Notes Provided invaluable assistance to the Confederate war machine.
Further reading
Gorgas, Josiah The Civil War diary of General Josiah Gorgas; ed. by Frank E. Vandiver University, University of Alabama Press 1947
Vandiver, Frank EversonPloughshares into swords : Josiah Gorgas and Confederate ordnance College Station, Texas A & M University Press 1994

Name GOVAN, Daniel Chevilette
Born July 4 1829, Northampton Cty NC
Died March 12 1911, Memphis TN
Pre-War Profession Gold miner, deputy sheriff, farmer, planter.
War Service 1861 raised company that became part of 2nd Arkansas, Lt. Col., Shiloh, Perryville, Murfreesboro, commanded Liddell’s Bde/Liddell’s Divn at Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, December 1863 Brig. Gen, commanded Govan’s Bde/Cleburne’s Divn in Atlanta campaign, Jonesboro (c), Franklin and Nashville campaign, Carolinas campaign.
Post War Career Planter, Indian agent.

Name GRACIE, Archibald Jr.
Born December 1 1832, New York NY
Died December 2 1864, Petersburg VA
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1854, resigned 1856, merchant, Capt. Washington Light Infantry militia, 1861 on the governor's order Gracie seized the Mount Vernon AL arsenal.
War Service 1861 joined 3rd Alabama, July 1861 Maj. in 11th Alabama, 1862 organised 43rd Alabama - Col., served in East Tennessee, Kentucky campaign, November 1862 Brig. Gen., commanded Gracie’s Bde/Preston’s Divn at Chickamauga, Knoxville, Bean's Station (w), Petersburg, killed by artillery while observing enemy movements.
Notes Had a poem "Gracie, of Alabama" written after him.

Name GRANBURY, Hiram Bronson
Born March 1 1831, Copiah Cty MS
Died November 30 1864, Franklin TN
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, government official.
War Service 1861 recruited Waco Guards, November 1861 Maj. of 7th Texas, Fort Donelson (c), exchanged, August 1862 Col., Vicksburg campaign, Chickamauga, Chattanooga, February 1864 Brig. Gen., commanded Gracie’s’ (Texas) Bde/Cleburne’s Divn in Atlanta campaign, Franklin (k).

Name GRAY, Henry
Born January 19 1816, Laurens Dist. SC
Died December 11 1892, Coushatta LA
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, politician
War Service 1861 Pvt. in Mississippi state regiment, organised 28th Louisiana (at President Davis' request), May 1862 Col., Red River campaign, Mansfield, Pleasant Hill, October 1864 elected to Confederate congress, March 1865 Brig. Gen. (over Kirby Smith's protests).
Post War Career Politician.
Notes Narrowly beaten by Judah Benjamin for a pre-war US senate seat.

Name GRAYSON, John Breckinridge
Born October 18 1806, Fayette Cty KY
Died October 21 1861, Tallahassee FL
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1826, Seminole war, Mexican War, resigned as Maj. July 1861.
War Service August 1861 Brig. Gen. in Provisional Confederate army, command of Dept. of Middle and Eastern Florida (in poor health), relieved October 1861, died of tuberculosis.

Name GREEN, Martin Edwin
Born June 3 1815, Fauquier Cty VA
Died June 27 1863, Vicksburg MS
Pre-War Profession Lumber miller.
War Service 1861 recruited cavalry in Missouri for Sterling Price, Col. of "Green's Missouri Cavalry Regiment", Lexington, Elkhorn Tavern, July 1862 Brig. Gen., commanded 3rd Bde at Iuka, Corinth, killed by a sharpshooter at Vicksburg while commanding 2nd Bde/Bowen’s Divn.
Notes Performed poorly at Corinth.

Name GREEN, Thomas
Born January 8 1814, Amelia Cty VA
Died April 12 1864, Blair's Landing LA
Pre-War Profession Fought for Texas independence, Indian fighter, Mexican War.
War Service August 1861 Col. of 5th Texas Cavalry, Valverde, Galveston, May 1863 Brig. Gen., commanded Sibley’s Bde at Bayou Teche, Bayou Bourbeau, Mansfield, killed at Blair's Landing while leading a bold charge.
On the Internet Thomas Green (1814-1864)
Further reading
Faulk, Odie General Tom Green: a Fightin' Texan Waco TX, Texian Press 1963

Name GREER, Elkanah Brackin
Born October 11 1825, Paris TN
Died March 25 1877, DeVall's Bluff AR
Pre-War Profession Mexican War, planter, merchant.
War Service July 1861 Col. of 3rd Texas Cavalry, Wilson's Creek, Elkhorn Tavern (w), October 1862 Brig. Gen., chief of Conscription Bureau in Trans Mississippi, commanded reserve forces in 1864.
Post War Career

Name GREGG, John
Born September 28 1828, Lawrence Cty AL
Died October 7 1864, Darbytown Road VA
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, judge
War Service 1861 member of Provisional Confederate Congress, resigned, recruited 7th Texas, September 1861 Col., Fort Donelson (s), exchanged, August 1862 Brig. Gen., commanded Gregg’s Bde (under J E Johnston) in Vicksburg campaign, commanded Gregg’s Bde/Johnson’s Divn at Chickamauga (w), commanded Hood's Texas Bde/Field’s Divn at Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, killed in action while leading a counterattack.

Name GREGG, Maxcy
Born August 1 1814, Columbia SC
Died December 15 1862, Fredericksburg VA
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, Mexican War, politician.
War Service January 1861 Col. of 1st South Carolina, Fort Sumter, December 1861 Brig. Gen., commanded Gregg’s Bde/A P Hill's Light Division at Seven Days, Second Manassas, Sharpsburg (w), Fredericksburg (mw).

Name GRIFFITH, Richard
Born January 11 1814, Philadelphia PA
Died June 29 1862, Richmond VA
Pre-War Profession Teacher, Mexican War (Jefferson Davis was his commanding officer), banker, US marshal, Mississippi state treasurer.
War Service May 1861 Col. of 12th Mississippi, November 1861 Brig. Gen., commanded a brigade in Magruder's' Divn on the Peninsula and Seven Days, Savage's Station (mw).
Post War Career

Name GRIMES, Bryan
Born November 2 1828, Pitt Cty NC
Died August 14 1880, Pitt Cty NC
Pre-War Profession Planter, politician.
War Service 1861 Maj. of 4th North Carolina, Lt. Col., June 1862 Col., Seven Pines, Mechanicsville, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg , Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Spotsylvania, May 1864 Brig. Gen., commanded Bryan’s Bde/Ramseur’s Divn in Shenandoah Valley campaign, Cedar Creek, February 1865 Maj. Gen., Fort Stedman, commanded Grimes’ Divn/II Corps in Appomattox campaign.
Post War Career Farmer, assassinated by an employee of undesirables that Grimes was trying to expel from the county.
Notes Seven horses were shot from beneath him during the War.

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