Name JACKSON, Alfred Eugene
Born January 11 1807, Davidson Cty TN
Died October 30 1889, Jonesborough TN
Pre-War Profession Farmer, merchant.
War Service 1861 Staff major, quartermaster, paymaster, served in East Tennessee, April 1863 Brig. Gen. in command of a composite brigade, raided in Kentucky and southwest Virginia, unfit for field service November 1864, light staff duty under Gen. Breckenridge.
Post War Career Farmer

Name JACKSON, Henry Rootes
Born June 24 1820, Athens GA
Died May 23 1898, Savannah GA
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, Mexican War, judge, US ambassador to Austria.
War Service 1861 judge in Confederate courts, June 1861 Brig. Gen., Western Virginia campaign, Cheat Mountain, December 1861 Maj. Gen. of Georgia state troops, returned to Confederate service, Brig. Gen. in Confederate Army September 1863, during Atlanta campaign organised state troops, commanded Jackson’s Bde/Bate’s Divn in Hood's Franklin and Nashville campaign, captured at Nashville.
Post War Career Lawyer, minister to Mexico, railroad executive, banker.

Name JACKSON, John King
Born February 8 1828, Augusta GA
Died February 27 1866, Milledgeville GA
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, state militia.
War Service May 1861 Col. of 5th Georgia, Pensacola, February 1862 Brig. Gen., commanded the post at Grand Junction TN, helped organise Army of Tennessee, commanded 3rd Bde/Withers’ Divn at Shiloh, commanded Jackson’s Bde/Breckenridge’s Divn at Murfreesboro, Bridgeport AL, commanded Jackson’s Bde/Cheatham’s Divn at Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, commanded Jackson’s Bde/Walker’s Divn at the start of the Atlanta campaign, commanded District of Florida, defence of Savannah.
Post War Career Lawyer.

Name JACKSON, Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall"
Born January 21 1824, Clarksburg VA
Died May 10 1863, nr Guiney's Station VA
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1846, Mexican War, 1851 resigned from US army, professor at VMI.
War Service 1861 Maj. in Virginia militia, Col. of Confederate infantry, Harper's Ferry, June 1861 Brig. Gen., commanded 1st Bde/Army of the Shenandoah at First Manassas, October 1861 Maj. Gen., Shenandoah Valley campaign - fought brilliantly, Seven Days - fought poorly at times probably due to exhaustion, Groveton, commanded the Left Wing at Second Manassas, led Jackson’s Command in Sharpsburg campaign, Harper's Ferry, Sharpsburg, October 1862 Lt. Gen., commanded II Corps at Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville (mw).
Notes He was a great commander, and is the subject of continued speculation as to how the Confederacy would have fared had he not been killed.
On the Internet Stonewall Jackson Resources
Further reading
Bowers, John Stonewall Jackson : portrait of a soldier New York, Morrow 1989
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Vandiver, Frank Everson Mighty Stonewall College Station, Texas A&M University Press 1989

Name JACKSON, William Hicks "Red"
Born October 1 1835, Paris TN
Died March 30 1903, nr Nashville TN
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1856, Texas and New Mexico indian campaigns, resigned May 1861.
War Service 1861 Capt. in Confederate artillery, Belmont (w), Col. of 1st Tennessee Cavalry, Holly Springs, December 1862 Brig. Gen., commanded a cavalry division in Vicksburg campaign, Meridian campaign, commanded a cavalry division in Atlanta campaign, served under Forrest, rear guard in retreat from Nashville, fought in Forrest's later campaigns.
Post War Career Horse breeder.

Name JACKSON, William Lowther "Mudwall"
Born February 3 1825, Clarksburg WV
Died March 24 1890, Louisville KY
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, judge, politician, lieutenant governor of Virginia.
War Service 1861 Pvt., Col. of 31st Virginia, Western Virginia, staff of Gen. T J Jackson until Fredericksburg, recruited a regiment to operate in western Virginia, April 1863 Col. of 19th Virginia Cavalry, joined Jenkins' brigade in the Shenandoah Valley, commanded a brigade in Early's raid on Washington, Shenandoah Valley campaign, December 1864 Brig. Gen., refused to surrender at War's end.
Post War Career Went to Mexico, returned to West Virginia but was unable to practice law, moved to Kentucky, judge.
Notes Second cousin to Stonewall Jackson.

Name JENKINS, Albert Gallatin
Born November 10 1830, Cabell Cty VA
Died May 21 1864, Cloyd's Mountain VA
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, US congressman, resigned April 1861.
War Service 1861 Capt. in a cavalry company, Lt. Col. of 8th Virginia Cavalry, Col., Alleghany Mountains, February 1862 elected to Confederate congress, August 1862 Brig. Gen., raided in western Virginia and Ohio, commanded Jenkins’ Bde in the Gettysburg campaign, Gettysburg (w), Cloyd's Mountain (w), died following amputation of his arm.
Further reading
Dickinson, Jack L Jenkins of Greenbottom : a Civil War saga Charleston WV, Pictorial Histories Pub. Co. 1988

Name JENKINS, Micah
Born December 1 1835, Edisto Is. SC
Died May 6 1864, Wilderness VA
Pre-War Profession Graduated The Citadel 1854, helped establish a military school.
War Service 1861 raised 5th South Carolina - Col., First Manassas, Peninsula campaign, Seven Pines, Seven Days, July 1862 Brig. Gen., Cedar Mountain, commanded Jenkins’ Bde/Kemper’s Divn at Second Manassas (w), commanded Jenkins’ Bde/Pickett’s Divn at Fredericksburg, Chattanooga, Chickamauga, Wilderness (mw).
Notes Shot by his own troops, he died in a similar manner to Stonewall Jackson, and in the same vicinity.

Name JOHNSON, Adam Rankin "Stovepipe"
Born February 8 1834, Henderson KY
Died October 20 1922, Burnet TX
Pre-War Profession Surveyor, indian scout, mail contractor.
War Service 1861 enlisted by Bedford Forrest as a scout, Fort Donelson, partisan ranger activity in Kentucky, Col., joined John Hunt Morgan's command, Ohio raid, June 1864 Brig. Gen., at Grubb's Cross Roads was shot and blinded by his own troops (c), soon exchanged, continued to serve.
Post War Career Dictated memoirs.
Further reading
Johnson, Adam Rankin The Partisan Rangers of the Confederate States Army Hartford KY, Cook & McDowell Publications 1979

Name JOHNSON, Bradley Tyler
Born September 29 1829, Frederick MD
Died October 5 1903, Amelia VA
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, state's attorney.
War Service 1861 recruited 1st Maryland (CSA) - Maj., First Manassas, March 1862 Col., Jackson's Shenandoah Valley campaign, Seven Days, Cedar Mountain, Second Manassas campaign, June 1864 Brig. Gen., commanded W E Jones’ Cavalry Bde in Early's Washington raid, executed the order to burn Chambersburg, Shenandoah Valley campaign, prison duty.
Post War Career Lawyer, politician, writer.
Notes He was passed over for promotion to Brig. Gen. probably because of the lack of Maryland units.

Name JOHNSON, Bushrod Rust
Born October 7 1817, Belmont Cty OH
Died September 12 1880, Brighton IL
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1840, Seminole war, Mexican War, resigned 1847, teacher.
War Service 1861 Col. of engineers, Jan 1862 Brig. Gen., commanded at Fort Donelson until Pillow arrived, commanded 1st Bde/Cheatham’s Divn at Shiloh (w), Kentucky campaign, commanded 3rd Bde/Cleburne’s Divn at Murfreesboro, commanded Johnson’s Divn/Hood’s Corps at Chickamauga, commanded Buckner’s Divn at Knoxville, commanded Johnson’s Divn at Bermuda Hundred, May 1864 Maj. Gen., Crater, Sayler's Creek, Appomattox.
Post War Career Chancellor of University of Nashville, farmer.
Notes His division broke through the gap in the Union lines at Chickamauga.
Further reading
Cummings, Charles M Yankee Quaker, Confederate general; the curious career of Bushrod Rust Johnson Rutherford NJ, Fairleigh Dickinson University Press 1971

Name JOHNSON, Edward "Old Alleghany"
Born April 16 1816, Salisbury VA
Died March 2 1873, Richmond VA
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1838, Seminole war, Mexican War, frontier duty, resigned June 1861.
War Service June 1861 Col. of 12th Georgia, December 1861 Brig. Gen., Jackson's Shenandoah Valley campaign, McDowell (w), convalesced for one year, February 1863 Maj. Gen., commanded Johnson’s Divn/II Corps at Gettysburg, Wilderness, Spotsylvania (c), soon exchanged, commanded Johnson’s Divn/S D Lee’s Corps in Franklin and Nashville campaign, Nashville (c), released after the end of the war.
Post War Career Farmer
Notes One of the best Confederate division commanders.
On the Internet Major General Edward Johnson, C.S.A.OnLine

Name JOHNSTON, Albert Sidney
Born February 2 1803, Washington KY
Died April 6 1862, Pittsburg Landing TN
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1826, Black Hawk war, Mexican War, fought for Texas independence, Col. of US 2nd Cavalry, Utah expedition, commanded Dept of the Pacific, resigned April 1861.
War Service August 1861 full General in command of Confederate Dept No 2, had insufficient troops to hold a very large area, concentrated his army at Corinth, Shiloh (mw).
Notes A close friend of President Davis. It's thought that as a result of an old injury, he had loss of feeling in his leg and this contributed to his bleeding to death at Shiloh.
Further reading
Johnston, William Preston The life of Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston, embracing his services in the armies of the United States, the republic of Texas, and the Confederate States New York, D. Appleton 1879
Roland, Charles Pierce Albert Sidney Johnston, soldier of three republics Austin, University of Texas Press 1964

Name JOHNSTON, George Doherty
Born May 30 1832, Hillsborough NC
Died December 8 1910, Tuscaloosa AL
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, politician
War Service 1861 2nd Lt. in 4th Alabama, First Manassas, Maj. in 25th Alabama, Shiloh, Col., Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Chattanooga, Atlanta campaign, July 1864 Brig. Gen., commanded Deas’ Bde/Hindman’s Divn at Ezra Church (w), commanded Quarles’ Bde/Walthall’s Divn in Franklin and Nashville campaign.
Post War Career Superintendent of The Citadel, civil servant, state senator.

Name JOHNSTON, Joseph Eggleston
Born February 3 1807, Farmville VA
Died March 21 1891, Washington DC
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1829, frontier duty, resigned 1837, civil engineer, commissioned in US army 1838, Mexican War, June 1860 Brig. Gen., resigned April 1861.
War Service 1861 Maj. Gen. of Virginia troops, May 1861 Brig. Gen. in Confederate army, July 1861 General, commanded forces around Harper's Ferry, commanded Army of the Shenandoah, First Manassas, March 1862 commanded ANV, Peninsula campaign, Seven Pines (w) - command passed to R E Lee, commanded Department of the West, Vicksburg campaign, commanded the Army of Tennessee, Atlanta campaign, July 1864 relieved of command at Atlanta, February 1865 restored to command, Carolinas campaign, Bentonville, surrendered to Sherman.
Post War Career US congressman, commissioner of railroads, wrote memoirs.
Notes Did not get along with President Davis, but retreated skilfully.
Further reading
Govan, Gilbert E A different valor; the story of General Joseph E. Johnston, C.S.A. Westport CT, Greenwood Press 1973
Hughes, Robert M General Johnston New York, D. Appleton 1897
Johnston, Joseph E Narrative of military operations during the Civil War New York, Da Capo Press 1990
Symonds, Craig L Joseph E. Johnston : a Civil War biography New York, Norton 1992

Name JOHNSTON, Robert Daniel
Born March 19 1837, Lincoln Cty NC
Died February 1 1919, Winchester VA
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, Lt. in state militia
War Service July 1861 Capt. in 23rd North Carolina, Peninsula campaign, Lt. Col., Seven Pines (w), Sharpsburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg (w), September 1863 Brig. Gen., commanded Johnston’s Bde/Rodes' Divn at Wilderness, Spotsylvania(w), Cold Harbor, Petersburg, Shenandoah Valley campaign.
Post War Career Lawyer, banker
Notes One of the last surviving generals of the Confederacy.

Name JONES, David Rumph "Neighbor"
Born April 5 1825, Orangeburg Dist. SC
Died January 15 1863, Richmond VA
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1846, Mexican War, garrison duty, instructor at West Point, adjutant general's dept, resigned February1861.
War Service 1861 Maj. and chief of staff to P G T Beauregard, Fort Sumter, June 1861 Brig. Gen. in Provisional Army, First Manassas, commanded a division under Magruder in the Peninsula campaign, Seven Days, commanded Jones’ Divn/Longstreet’s Corps at Second Manassas, fought well at Thoroughfare Gap, South Mountain, Sharpsburg, September 1862 Maj. Gen., died of heart disease.
Notes Credited with lowering the US flag at Fort Sumter.

Name JONES, John Marshall
Born July 26 1820, Charlottesville VA
Died May 5 1864, Wilderness VA
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1841, instructor at West Point, frontier duty, Utah expedition, resigned May 1861.
War Service 1861 Capt. of artillery, Lt. Col., staff officer, Jackson's Shenandoah Valley campaign, Seven Days, Second Manassas campaign, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, May 1863 Brig. Gen., commanded Jones’ Bde/Johnson's Divn at Gettysburg (w), Mine Run (w), Wilderness (k).

Name JONES, John Robert
Born March 12 1827, Harrisonburg VA
Died April 1 1901, Harrisonburg VA
Pre-War Profession Graduated VMI 1848, teacher, principal of military academy.
War Service 1861 recruited and commanded a company in 33rd Virginia, First Manassas, Jackson's Shenandoah Valley campaign, Lt. Col., June 1862 Brig. Gen. (never confirmed by the Confederate senate), commanded 2nd Bde/Jackson's Divn at Gaines' Mill, Malvern Hill (w), Harper’s Ferry, Sharpsburg (w), commanded 2nd Bde/Trimble’s Divn at Chancellorsville - left the field because of an ulcerated leg, relieved of duty, cashiered for cowardice, captured at Smithburg TN, imprisoned for the rest of the war.
Post War Career Businessman, court official.

Name JONES, Samuel
Born December 17 1819, Powhatan Cty VA
Died July 31 1887, Bedford Springs VA
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1841, garrison duty, West Point instructor, resigned April 1861.
War Service 1861 Maj. of artillery, Col., chief of artillery to P G T Beauregard, First Manassas, July 1861 Brig. Gen., commanded Dept of Alabama and West Florida, Corinth, March 1862 Maj. Gen., commanded Dept of East Tennessee, commanded Dept of Western Virginia, commanded Dept of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, commanded Dist. of South Carolina, commanded Military Dist. of Florida.
Post War Career Farmer, US advocate general, judge advocate general.

Name JONES, William Edmondson "Grumble"
Born May 9 1824, Washington Cty VA
Died June 5 1864, Piedmont VA
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1848, frontier duty, resigned 1857, farmer
War Service 1861 organised Washington Mounted Rifles - Capt., First Manassas, September 1861 Col. of 1st Virginia Cavalry, March 1862 Col. of 7th Virginia Cavalry, Cedar Mountain, Groveton, Second Manassas, Sharpsburg, September 1862 Brig. Gen., commanded Valley Dist., April-May 1863 successfully raided western Virginia, Gettysburg campaign, Brandy Station, October 1863 court martialled by J E B Stuart, found guilty, transferred to Dept of Western Virginia, raided successfully, Knoxville campaign, Piedmont (k).
Notes A great fighter, but cantankerous. Had many disagreements with Stuart.

Name JORDAN, Thomas
Born September 30 1819, Luray VA
Died November 27 1895, New York NY
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1840, Seminole war, Mexican War, resigned May 1861.
War Service 1861 Lt. Col., staff of P G T Beauregard, First Manassas, Shiloh, April 1862 Brig. Gen., staff of Bragg in Army of Tennessee, staff of Beauregard in defence of Charleston.
Post War Career Newspaper editor, Cuban revolutionary, contributed to Battles and Leaders

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