Born September 13 1836, St Louis MO
Died January 22 1927, Mason Cty WV
Pre-War Profession Graduated VMI 1857, assistant professor at VMI.
War Service 1861 recruited 36th Virginia - Col., Fort Donelson, operations in Southwestern Virginia, Cloyd's Mountain, May 1864 Brig. Gen., led cavalry in the Shenandoah valley, Monocacy, burned Chambersburg on Early's orders, commanded McCausland’s Bde/Rosser’s Cavalry Divn at Petersburg, Five Forks, broke through Union lines at Appomattox rather than surrender.
Post War Career Fled to Europe and Mexico, farmer.
Notes Second last surviving Confederate general.
Further reading
Johnson, Diana L Unreconstructed rebel Huntington WV, University Editions 1992

Name MCCOMB, William
Born November 21 1828, Mercer Cty PA
Died July 21 1918, Louisa Cty VA
Pre-War Profession Manufacturer
War Service 1861 Pvt. in 14th Tennessee, May 1861 2nd Lt., Cheat Mountain, Maj., Jackson's Shenandoah Valley campaign, Seven Pines, Seven Days, Cedar Mountain, Lt. Col., Second Manassas, September 1862 Col., Sharpsburg (w), Chancellorsville (w), Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor, commanded McComb’s Bde/Heth’s Divn at Petersburg, January 1865 Brig. Gen., Appomattox.
Post War Career Farmer.

Name MCCOWN, John Porter
Born August 19 1815, Sevierville TN
Died January 22 1879, Little Rock AR
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1840, artillery service, Mexican War, resigned May 1861.
War Service May 1861 Lt. Col., Col. in command of artillery corps in the Provisional army of Tennessee, October 1861 Brig. Gen., Belmont, New Madrid, Fort Pillow, March 1862 Maj. Gen. in command of the Army of the West, commanded Dept of East Tennessee, commanded McCown’s Divn/Hardee’s Corps at Murfreesboro, court martialled for disobedience, relieved of rank and pay for 6 months, quarreled with Bragg and President Davis, saw little service after that.
Post War Career Teacher, farmer.

Born November 11 1811, Rutherford Cty TN
Died March 7 1862, Pea Ridge AR
Pre-War Profession Soldier, surveyor, Texas Ranger.
War Service May 1861 Brig. Gen., commanded in Indian Territory, commanded troops in Northern Arkansas and Southern Missouri, Wilson's Creek, Elkhorn Tavern (k).
Notes Brother of Gen. Henry McCulloch
On the Internet Ben McCulloch (1811-1862)
Further reading
Cutrer, Thomas W Ben McCulloch and the frontier military tradition Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina Press 1993

Name MCCULLOCH, Henry Eustace
Born December 6 1816, Rutherford Cty TN
Died March 12 1895, Rockport TX
Pre-War Profession Farmer, sheriff, Mexican War, Texas Ranger, politician, US marshal.
War Service April 1861 Col. of 1st Texas Mounted Rifles, frontier duty in Texas, March 1862 Brig. Gen., Vicksburg campaign, district command in Texas.
Post War Career Farmer.

Name MCGOWAN, Samuel
Born October 9 1819, Laurens Dist. SC
Died August 9 1897, Abbeville SC
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, Mexican War, politician, Maj. Gen. of militia.
War Service April 1861 commanded a militia brigade at Fort Sumter, staff officer at First Manassas, Lt. Col. in 14th South Carolina, April 1862 Col., Seven Days (w), Cedar Mountain, Second Manassas (w), Fredericksburg, January 1863 Brig. Gen., commanded McGowan’s Bde/Hill's Divn at Chancellorsville (w), commanded McGowan’s Bde/Wilcox’s Divn at the Wilderness, Spotsylvania (w), Petersburg campaign, Appomattox.
Post War Career Elected to Congress but denied his seat, politician, judge.

Name MCINTOSH, James McQueen
Born 1828, Fort Brooke FL
Died March 7 1862, Pea Ridge AR
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1849, frontier duty, resigned May 1861.
War Service May 1861 Capt. of cavalry, Wilson’s Creek, October 1861 Col. of 2nd Arkansas Mounted Rifles, January 1862 Brig. Gen. in Confederate Provisional Army, Elkhorn Tavern (k).
Notes Brother of Union General John B. McIntosh.

Name MACKALL, William Whann
Born January 18 1817, Cecil Cty MD
Died August 12 1891, Fairfax Cty VA
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1837, Seminole War, Mexican War, May 1861 appointed Lt. Col. and Adjutant general USA but declined the promotion, resigned July 1861.
War Service 1861 Lt. Col. in Adjutant general's Dept, staff of A S Johnston, February 1862 Brig. Gen., Island No 10 (c), exchanged, district commands, chief of staff to Bragg in Army of Tennessee, relieved at his own request after Chickamauga, brigade command in Mississippi, chief of staff to J E Johnston during the Atlanta campaign, declined to serve under Hood, saw no more active service.
Post War Career Farmer, real estate speculator.

Name MCLAWS, Lafayette
Born January 15 1821, Augusta GA
Died July 24 1897, Savannah GA
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1842, Mexican War, resigned March 1861.
War Service 1861 organised 10th Georgia - June 1861 Col., September 1861 Brig. Gen., served under Magruder in the Peninsula campaign, May 1862 Maj. Gen., commanded McLaws’ Divn in Longstreet's command, Seven Days, Second Manassas, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Chickamauga, Knoxville, relieved of his command by Longstreet, transferred to Georgia, defence of Savannah, served under J E Johnston in Carolinas campaign.
Post War Career Insurance agent, internal revenue collector, postmaster.

Name MCNAIR, Evander
Born April 15 1820, Richmond Cty NC
Died November 13 1902, Hattiesburg MS
Pre-War Profession Merchant, Mexican War.
War Service 1861 raised an infantry battalion which became 4th Arkansas - August 1861 Col., Wilson's Creek, Elkhorn Tavern, brigade command at Richmond KY, November 1861 Brig. Gen., commanded 3rd Bde/McCown’s Divn at Murfreesboro, commanded McNair’s Bde/Johnson’s Divn at Chickamauga (w), brigade command in Trans Mississippi, Price's Missouri raid.
Post War Career Businessman.

Name MCRAE, Dandridge
Born October 10 1829, Baldwin Cty AL
Died April 23 1899, Searcy AR
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, court clerk, inspector general of state troops.
War Service 1861 Maj. in 3rd Bn of Arkansas Infantry, Col. of 21st Arkansas, Wilson's Creek, Elkhorn Tavern, November 1862 Brig. Gen., criticised by Gen. Holmes for his troops' lack of discipline, Helena AR, served under Price in Red River campaign, resigned commission in 1864.
Post War Career Lawyer, politician.

Name MCRAE, William
Born September 9 1834, Wilmington NC
Died February 11 1882, Augusta GA
Pre-War Profession Civil engineer.
War Service 1861 Pvt. in Monroe Light Infantry, Capt. when it became part of 15th North Carolina, Lt. Col., Seven Days, Second Manassas, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg, February 1863 Col., service in North Carolina, Bristoe campaign, Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor, June 1864 Brig. Gen. (temporary - later confirmed), commanded McRae’s Bde/Heth’s Divn in Petersburg campaign, Appomattox.
Post War Career Railroad superintendent.

Name MAGRUDER, John Bankhead "Prince John"
Born May 1 1807, Port Royal VA
Died February 18 1871, Houston TX
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1830, Seminole War, Mexican War, artillery duty, resigned April 1861.
War Service May 1861 Col., Big Bethel, June 1861 Brig. Gen., October 1861 Maj. Gen., commanded a Wing in Peninsula campaign, Seven Pines, Malvern Hill, loss of command due to "drunkenness and recklessness", command of Dist. of Texas, led the capture of Galveston.
Post War Career Joined the forces of Emperor Maximilian in Mexico, returned to Texas.
Further reading
Casdorph, Paul D Prince John Magruder: His Life and Campaigns New York, Wiley 1996

Name MAHONE, William
Born December 1 1826, Southampton Cty VA
Died October 8 1895, Washington DC
Pre-War Profession Graduated VMI 1847, teacher, railroad engineer, railroad president.
War Service May 1861 Col. of 6th Virginia, Norfolk, November 1861 Brig. Gen., commanded Mahone’s Bde/Huger’s Divn at Seven Pines, Seven Days, commanded Mahone’s Bde/in R H Anderson's Divn at Second Manassas (w), Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, July 1864 Maj. Gen., commanded Mahone’s Divn/III Corps, Crater, Appomattox.
Post War Career Railroad president, politician, US senator.
Notes Held in very high regard by R E Lee.
Further reading
Blake, Nelson Morehouse William Mahone of Virginia, soldier and political insurgent Richmond, Garret & Massie 1935

Name MAJOR, James Patrick
Born May 14 1836, Fayette MO
Died May 7 1877, Austin TX
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1856, cavalry duty, resigned March 1861.
War Service 1861 staff officer, Lt. Col. in Missouri State Guard, Wilson's Creek, chief of artillery to Van Dorn, Col. of Texas cavalry regiments in Louisiana, July 1863 Brig. Gen., Red River campaign, Mansfield, Pleasant Hill, led a brigade of cavalry in Wharton's command.
Post War Career Lived in France, planter in Louisiana and Texas.

Name MANEY, George Earl
Born August 24 1826, Franklin TN
Died February 9 1901, Washington DC
Pre-War Profession Mexican War, US army, resigned 1848, lawyer.
War Service 1861 Capt. 11th Tennessee, May 1861 Col. of 1st Tennessee, Cheat Mountain, Shiloh, April 1862 Brig. Gen., commanded 3rd Bde/Cheatham's Divn at Perryville, Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Chattanooga, Atlanta campaign, Jonesboro, relieved of combat duty.
Post War Career Railroad president, diplomatic posts in South America.

Name MANIGAULT, Arthur Middleton
Born October 26 1824, Charleston SC
Died August 17 1886, South Island SC
Pre-War Profession Commission agent, Mexican War.
War Service 1860 Capt. of militia, Lt. Col. in staff of Beauregard, Fort Sumter, May 1861 Col. of 19th South Carolina, commander of First Military District, brigade command in Army of Tennessee, Corinth, commanded 4th Bde/Withers’ Divn at Murfreesboro, April 1863 Brig. Gen., commanded Manigault’s Bde/Hindman’s Divn at Chickamauga, Atlanta campaign, Resaca (w), Ezra Church, commanded Manigault’s Bde/Johnson’s Divn at Franklin (w).
Post War Career Planter, adjutant and inspector general for South Carolina.
Further reading
Manigault, Arthur Middleton A Carolinian goes to war : the Civil War narrative of Arthur Middleton Manigault, Brigadier General, C.S.A. Columbia SC, University of South Carolina Press 1983

Name MARMADUKE, John Sappington
Born March 14 1833, nr Arrow Rock MO
Died December 28 1887, Jefferson City MO
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1857, Utah expedition, resigned April 1861.
War Service 1861 Col. of Missouri militia, Lt. Col. of 1st Arkansas Battalion, Col. of 3rd Confederate Infantry, Shiloh (w), November 1862 Brig. Gen., Prairie Grove, command of a cavalry division in Trans Mississippi, Red River campaign, Price's Missouri raid (c), March 1865 Maj. Gen. (while still in prison).
Post War Career Insurance agent, editor, governor.
Notes Fought a duel with Gen. L M Walker and killed him in 1863.

Name MARSHALL, Humphrey
Born January 13 1812, Frankfort KY
Died March 28 1872, Louisville KY
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1832, resigned 1833, lawyer, Mexican War, US congressman, US minister to China.
War Service October 1861 Brig. Gen., brigade command in western Virginia, resigned June 1862, June 1862 reappointed Brig. Gen., ordered to take part in Bragg's Kentucky campaign, did not distinguish himself, no further major assignments, resigned June 1863, elected to Confederate Congress.
Post War Career Lawyer.
Notes Nephew of James G Birney.

Name MARTIN, James Green
Born February 14 1819, Elizabeth City NC
Died October 4 1878, Asheville NC
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1840, Mexican War, frontier duty, resigned June 1861.
War Service 1861 adjutant general for North Carolina forces, September 1861 Maj. Gen. of North Carolina militia, May 1862 Brig. Gen., resigned July, reappointed August 1862, commanded a brigade of North Carolina regiments, New Berne, commanded Martin’s Bde/Hoke’s Divn at Drewry's Bluff, Petersburg, administrative duty in North Carolina.
Post War Career Lawyer.
Notes Lost an arm in the Mexican War.

Name MARTIN, William Thompson
Born March 25 1823, Glasgow KY
Died March 16 1910, Natchez MS
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, district attorney.
War Service 1861 raised a cavalry troop, Maj. in 2nd Mississippi Cavalry, Col. of Jeff Davis Legion, Stuart's Ride around McClellan, aide to R E Lee, December 1862 Brig. Gen., division command in Wheeler's cavalry corps, Tullahoma campaign, Chickamauga, November 1863 Maj. Gen., Knoxville, Atlanta campaign, had differences with Wheeler and was relieved of command, command of Dist. of Northwest Mississippi.
Post War Career Politician, railroad president.

Name MAURY, Dabney Herndon
Born May 21 1822, Fredericksburg VA
Died January 11 1900, Peoria IL
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1846, Mexican War, teacher at West Point, frontier duty, superintendent of cavalry school at Carlisle PA, dismissed from US Army June 1861 (a resignation not having been accepted).
War Service 1861 Capt. of CSA cavalry, 1862 Col. and chief of staff to Van Dorn, Elkhorn Tavern, March 1862 Brig. Gen., Iuka, Corinth, November 1862 Maj. Gen., commanded the Dist. of the Gulf, defended Mobile Bay.
Post War Career Teacher, founder of Southern Historical Society, US minister to Colombia, wrote memoirs.
Notes Declined to be a supervisor of the Louisiana lottery.
Further reading
Maury, Dabney H Recollections of a Virginian 1894

Name MAXEY, Samuel Bell
Born March 30 1825, Tompkinsville KY
Died August 16 1895, Eureka Springs AR
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1846, Mexican War, resigned US Army 1849, lawyer, politician.
War Service 1861 organised 9th Texas - Col., joined A S Johnston in Kentucky, March 1862 Brig. Gen., Port Hudson, served under Johnston in Vicksburg campaign, command of Indian Territory, commanded a cavalry division in Red River campaign, April 1864 Maj. Gen. (not confirmed).
Post War Career Lawyer, US senator.

Name MERCER, Hugh Weedon
Born November 27 1808, Fredericksburg VA
Died June 9 1877, Baden-Baden, Germany
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1828, resigned 1835, bank cashier, militia officer.
War Service January 1861 Col. of 1st Georgia, October 1861 Brig. Gen., commanded defences of Savannah, commanded Mercer’s Bde/Walkers’ Divn (later in Cleburne’s Divn) in Atlanta campaign, commanded Walker's division, relieved through illness, sent to Savannah.
Post War Career Banker, commission merchant.

Name MILLER, William
Born August 3 1820, Ithaca NY
Died August 8 1909, Point Washington FL
Pre-War Profession Mexican War, lawyer, sawmill owner.
War Service 1861 Maj. in command of a battalion, Col. of 1st Florida, Bragg's invasion of Kentucky, Perryville, Murfreesboro (w), in charge of a conscription bureau in Florida, August 1864 Brig. Gen., commanded reserve forces in Florida, commanded Dist. of Florida.
Post War Career Lumber business, farming business, politician.

Name MOODY, Young Marshall
Born June 23 1822, Chesterfield Cty VA
Died September 18 1866, New Orleans LA
Pre-War Profession Teacher, merchant, court clerk.
War Service 1861 Capt. in 11th Alabama, helped raise 43rd Alabama - Lt. Col., November 1862 Col., Bragg's Kentucky campaign, Chickamauga, Chattanooga, Knoxville, commanded Moody’s Bde/Johnson’s Divn at Petersburg (w), March 1865 Brig. Gen., Appomattox.
Post War Career Businessman.
Notes Was associated through most of his War career with Gen. A Gracie.

Name MOORE, John Creed
Born February 28 1824, Hawkins Cty TN
Died December 31 1910, Osage TX
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1849, Seminole War, garrison duty, resigned US Army 1855, college professor.
War Service April 1861 Capt. of CSA Artillery, organised 2nd Texas - January 1862 Col., Shiloh, May 1862 Brig. Gen., Corinth, commanded Moore’s Bde/Forney’s Divn in Vicksburg campaign (c), exchanged two months later, commanded Moore’s Bde/Cheatham’s Divn at Chattanooga, defence of Mobile, resigned February 1864.
Post War Career Teacher, writer.

Name MOORE, Patrick Theodore
Born September 22 1821, Galway, Ireland
Died February 19 1883, Richmond VA
Pre-War Profession Merchant, Capt. of militia
War Service April 1861 Col. of 1st Virginia, First Manassas (w), aide to J E Johnston in Peninsula campaign, aide to Longstreet in Seven Days, court martial duty, September 1864 Brig. Gen., commanded local defence troops in Richmond.
Post War Career Insurance agent.
Notes The wound he sustained at First Manassas incapacitated him for regimental command.

Name MORGAN, John Hunt
Born June 1 1825, Huntsville AL
Died September 3 1864, Greeneville TN
Pre-War Profession Mexican War, hemp manufacturer, organised a militia unit.
War Service September 1861 joined Buckner's forces at Bowling Green, April 1862 Col. of 2nd Kentucky Cavalry, raided in Tennessee and Kentucky, December 1862 Brig. Gen., raided into Indiana and Ohio (c), escaped, commanded Dept. of Southwestern Virginia, killed while en route to attack federal forces at Knoxville.
Notes Related by marriage to AP Hill and B W Duke (and remotely also by marriage to Union Gen. John Buford) . A legendary cavalry commander in the Jeb Stuart tradition.
Further reading
Metzler, William E Morgan and his Dixie cavaliers : a biography of the colorful Confederate general Metzler 1976
Ramage, James A Rebel raider : the life of General John Hunt Morgan Lexington, University Press of Kentucky 1986
Swiggett, Howard The rebel raider : a life of John Hunt Morgan Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill 1934

Name MORGAN, John Tyler
Born June 20 1824, Athens TN
Died June 11 1907, Washington DC
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, politician.
War Service 1861 Pvt. in Cahaba Rifles, 5th Alabama, Maj., Lt. Col., First Manassas, resigned commission, recruited 51st Alabama Partisan Rangers - Col., Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Knoxville campaign, November 1863 Brig. Gen., commanded Morgan’s Bde/Martin’s Divn in Atlanta campaign, March to the Sea, home defence in Alabama.
Post War Career Lawyer, US senator.
Notes Despite being a white supremacist, his final assignment in the war was to raise black troops.

Name MOUTON, Jean Jacques Alfred Alexander
Born February 18 1829, Opelousas LA
Died April 8 1864, Mansfield LA
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1850, resigned 1850, railroad construction engineer, Brig. Gen. of state militia.
War Service 1861 recruited a company, October 1861 Col. of 18th Louisiana, Shiloh (w), April 1862 Brig. Gen., brigade command in Gen. Richard Taylor's Dept., Mansfield (k).

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