Name NELSON, Allison
Born March 11 1822, Fulton Cty GA
Died October 7 1862, Austin AR
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, Mexican War, politician, fought in Cuban war of Independence.
War Service 1861 helped raise 10th Texas - Col., joined Hindman's forces in Arkansas, DeVall's Bluff, September 1862 Brig. Gen., died of fever.

Name NICHOLLS, Francis Redding Tillou
Born August 20 1834, Donaldsonville LA
Died January 4 1912, nr Thibodeaux LA
Pre-War Profession West Point 1855, resigned 1856, lawyer.
War Service 1861 Capt. in Phoenix Guards, Lt. Col. of 8th Louisiana, First Manassas, Jackson's Shenandoah Valley campaign, Winchester (w), June 1862 Col., October 1862 Brig. Gen., commanded Dist. of Lynchburg, commanded 4th Bde/Trimbleís Divn at Chancellorsville (w), unfit for field duty, in charge of volunteer and conscript bureau in Trans Mississippi.
Post War Career Lawyer, governor, judge.

Name NORTHROP, Lucius Bellinger
Born September 8 1811, Charleston SC
Died February 9 1894, Pikesville MD
Pre-War Profession West Point 1831, Seminole War, practiced medicine while serving in the army, resigned January 1861.
War Service 1861 Col. and commissary general, November 1864 Brig. Gen. (not submitted to the Senate), relieved February 1865.
Post War Career Farmer.
Notes A favourite of President Davis, widely disliked, but did a good job under difficult circumstances.
Further reading
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