Name PAGE, Richard Lucian
Born December 20 1807, Clarke Cty VA
Died August 9 1901, Blue Ridge Summit PA
Pre-War Profession Midshipman in US Navy, resigned commission as Commander in 1861.
War Service 1861 Naval aide to governor, June 1861 Commander in CSN, Capt. in naval construction bureau in Charlotte NC, March 1864 Brig. Gen. in Provisional Army, commanded outer defences of Mobile Bay, surrendered in August 1864 after 2 weeks of bombardment by Farragut's fleet, imprisoned until July 1865.
Post War Career Businessman, schools superintendent.
Notes Cousin to R E Lee.

Name PALMER, Joseph Benjamin
Born November 1 1825, Rutherford Cty TN
Died November 4 1890, Murfreesboro TN
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, politician.
War Service 1861 raised a company which became part of 18th Tennessee - Col., Fort Donelson (s), exchanged August 1862, commanded 2ns Bde/1st Divn/Hardeeís Corps at Murfreesboro (w), after convalescence resumed regimental command, Chickamauga (w), Atlanta campaign, Jonesboro (w), November 1864 Brig. Gen., commanded a brigade at Murfreesboro in Hoodís Tennessee campaign, in Stevenson's division in the retreat from Nashville, Carolinas campaign, Bentonville.
Post War Career Lawyer.
Further reading
Neff, Robert Owen Tennessee's battered brigadier : the life of General Joseph B. Palmer Nashville TN, Historic Travellers' Rest 1988

Name PARSONS, Mosby Monroe
Born May 21 1822, Charlottesville VA
Died August 15 1865, nr China, Mexico
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, Mexican War, politician.
War Service 1861 commanded a division of the Missouri State Guard, Carthage, Springfield, Elkhorn Tavern, November 1862 Brig. Gen., commanded the Missouri Divn in Red River campaign, Pleasant Hill, April 1864 named Maj. Gen. by Kirby Smith (never confirmed), Price's raid into Missouri.
Post War Career Fled to Mexico, joined Imperialist forces, probably killed by Republican irregulars.

Name PAXTON, Elisha Franklin "Bull"
Born March 4 1828, Rockbridge Cty VA
Died May 3 1863, Chancellorsville VA
Pre-War Profession Lawyer.
War Service 1861 Lt. in 27th Virginia, First Manassas, October 1861 Maj., later failed re-election, Maj. on T J Jackson's staff, November 1862 Brig. Gen. in command of Stonewall Brigade, in reserve at Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville (k).
Notes Jackson's promotion of Paxton to command the Stonewall Brigade was strongly protested by many officers and men.
Further reading
Paxton, Elisha Franklin The Civil War letters of General Frank "Bull" Paxton, CSA, a lieutenant of Lee & Jackson Hillsboro TX, Hill Jr. College Press 1978

Name PAYNE, William Henry Fitzhugh
Born January 27 1830, Fauquier Cty VA
Died March 29 1904, Washington DC
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, commonwealth attorney of Virginia.
War Service 1861 Pvt., occupation of Harper's Ferry, April 1861 Capt. in Black Horse Cavalry, Maj. in 4th Virginia Cavalry, Williamsburg (w,c), exchanged, Lt. Col. of 2nd North Carolina cavalry, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg (w,c), imprisoned for nearly a year, commanded Payneís Bde/Rosserís Divn in Shenandoah Valley campaign, commanded Payneís Bde/Leeís Divn at Petersburg (w), captured while recuperating.
Post War Career Lawyer, politician.

Name PECK, William Raine
Born January 31 1818, Jefferson Cty TN
Died January 22 1871, nr Vicksburg (but across the river)
Pre-War Profession Planter.
War Service 1861 Pvt. in 9th Louisiana, First Manassas, Jackson's Shenandoah Valley campaign, Seven Days, Second Manassas, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, October 1863 Col., Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor, Monocacy, February 1865 Brig. Gen., paroled at Vicksburg.
Post War Career Planter
Notes Although a large man, he was not wounded throughout the war.

Name PEGRAM, John
Born January 24 1832, Petersburg VA
Died February 6 1865, Hatcher's Run VA
Pre-War Profession West Point 1854, frontier service, resigned May 1861.
War Service 1861 Lt. Col. of 20th Virginia, Rich Mountain (c), Col., chief engineer to Beauregard and Bragg, chief of staff to Kirby Smith in the invasion of Kentucky, November 1862 Brig. Gen., commanded Pegramís Bde/Wheelerís Divn at Murfreesboro, commanded Pegramís Divn/Forrestís Corps at Chickamauga, commanded Pegramís Bde/Early's Divn at the Wilderness (w), Shenandoah Valley campaign, commanded Rodes' division after Winchester, Hatcher's Run (k).

Name PEMBERTON, John Clifford
Born August 10 1814, Philadelphia PA
Died July 13 1881, Penllyn PA
Pre-War Profession West Point 1837, Mexican War, married a Virginian woman, resigned US army April 1861.
War Service June 1861 Brig. Gen., commanded the Dept of South Carolina Georgia and Florida, January 1862 Maj. Gen., October 1862 Lt. Gen., commanded Dept of Mississippi and East Louisiana, became besieged in Vicksburg (s), no further duty at his rank was available, May 1864 resigned commission, appointed Col. of artillery.
Post War Career Farmer.
Notes Although loyal to the South, he was vilified for losing Vicksburg.
Further reading
Ballard, Michael B Pemberton : a biography Jackson, University Press of Mississippi 1991

Name PENDER, William Dorsey
Born February 6 1834, Edgecomb Cty NC
Died July 18 1863, Staunton VA
Pre-War Profession Clerk, West Point 1854, duty on the Pacific coast, resigned March 1861.
War Service 1861 Capt. of CSA Artillery, recruiting duty in Baltimore, May 1861 Col. of 13th North Carolina, Peninsula campaign, Seven Pines, June 1862 Brig. Gen., commanded Penderís Bde/Hill's Light Division at Cedar Mountain, Harper's Ferry, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, May 1863 Maj. Gen., commanded Penderís Divn/III Corps, Gettysburg (w), did not recover from infection and amputation.
Notes One of the best fighting generals in the ANV.
Further reading
Diket, A L wha hae wi* {Pender} ... bled New York, Vantage Press 1979
Pender, William Dorsey The general to his lady : the Civil War letters of William Dorsey Pender to Fanny Pender Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina Press 1965

Name PENDLETON, William Nelson
Born December 26 1809, Richmond VA
Died January 15 1883, Lexington VA
Pre-War Profession West Point 1830, resigned 1833, teacher, minister.
War Service 1861 Capt. of Rockbridge Artillery, Col., March 1862 Brig. Gen., served from First Manassas to Appomattox, was chief of artillery of the ANV for much of the time, later in command of the reserve ordnance.
Post War Career Minister.
Notes After the war, R E Lee served on his vestry.

Name PERRIN, Abner Monroe
Born February 2 1827, Edgefield Dist. SC
Died May 12 1864, Spotsylvania Court House VA
Pre-War Profession Mexican War in Regular US army, lawyer.
War Service 1861 Capt. in 14th South Carolina, Seven Days, Cedar Mountain, Second Manassas, Harper's Ferry, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg, February 1863 Col., Chancellorsville, commanded 1st Bde/Penderís Divn at Gettysburg, Falling Waters, September 1863 Brig. Gen., commanded Perrinís Bde/Anderson's Divn at the Wilderness, Spotsylvania (k).

Name PERRY, Edward Aylesworth
Born March 15 1831, Richmond MA
Died October 15 1889, Kerrville TX
Pre-War Profession Lawyer
War Service 1861 Capt. in 2nd Florida, May 1862 Col., Frayser's Farm (w), August 1862 Brig. Gen., commanded Perryís (Florida) Brigade/Anderson's Divn at Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Wilderness (w), reserve duty in Alabama.
Post War Career Lawyer, governor of Florida.

Name PERRY, William Flank
Born March 12 1823, Jackson Cty GA
Died December 18 1901, Bowling Green KY
Pre-War Profession Teacher, superintendent of education, college professor.
War Service 1862 Pvt. in 44th Alabama, Maj., Second Manassas, Lt. Col., Sharpsburg, September 1862 Col., Gettysburg, Chickamauga, Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor, commanded Laws' Bde/Fieldís Divn at Petersburg, February 1865 Brig. Gen., Appomattox.
Post War Career Planter, teacher, college professor.

Name PETTIGREW, James Johnston
Born July 4 1828, Tyrell Cty NC
Died July 17 1863, nr Bunker Hill VA
Pre-War Profession Assistant professor, lawyer, politician, Col. in South Carolina state militia.
War Service 1861 served with militia at Fort Sumter, joined Hampton Legion, Col. of 12th South Carolina, February 1862 Brig. Gen., commanded Pettigrewís Bde/G W Smith's Divn in Peninsula campaign, Seven Pines (w,c), exchanged after two months, service in Petersburg and North Carolina, brigade commanded Pettigrewís Bde/Heth's Divn at Gettysburg (w), Falling Waters (mw).
Notes Wrote a book.
Further reading
Bond, W R Pickett or Pettigrew? : an historical essay Gaithersburg MD, Butternut Press 1984
Wilson, Clyde N Carolina cavalier : life and mind of James Johnston Pettigrew Athens, University of Georgia Press 1990

Name PETTUS, Edmund Winston
Born July 6 1821, Limestone Cty AL
Died July 27 1907, Hot Springs NC
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, judge, Mexican War.
War Service 1861 assisted in recruitment of 20th Alabama - Maj., Lt. Col., Port Gibson (c), escaped, Vicksburg (s), Col., Lookout Mountain, Missionary Ridge, November 1863 Brig. Gen., commanded Pettusí Bde/Stevensonís Divn in Atlanta campaign, Franklin and Nashville campaign, Carolinas campaign, Bentonville (w).
Post War Career Lawyer, US senator.
Notes The last Confederate brigadier to sit in the US Senate.

Name PICKETT, George Edward
Born January 28 1825, Richmond VA
Died July 30 1875, Norfolk VA
Pre-War Profession West Point 1846, Mexican War, frontier duty, defied the British at San Juan Is. WA, resigned 1861.
War Service 1861 Col., January 1862 Brig. Gen., commanded 3rd Bde/Longstreetís Divn in the Seven Days, Gaines' Mill (w), October 1862 Maj. Gen., commanded Pickettís Divn/Longstreetís Corps at Fredericksburg, Suffolk, Gettysburg, commanded Dept of Virginia and North Carolina, New Berne, Petersburg, Five Forks, Sayler's Creek, relieved of command, Appomattox.
Post War Career Insurance agent.
Further reading
Bond, W R Pickett or Pettigrew? : an historical essay Gaithersburg MD, Butternut Press 1984
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Name PIKE, Albert
Born December 29 1809, Boston MA
Died April 2 1891, Washington DC
Pre-War Profession Teacher, poet, lawyer, planter, newspaper publisher, Mexican War.
War Service August 1861 Brig. Gen., trained Indians to fight for the Confederacy, Elkhorn Tavern, argued with Gen. Hindman, resigned July 1862 (not accepted until November 1862).
Post War Career Writer, exponent of Freemasonry.
Further reading
Duncan, Robert L Reluctant general : the life and times of Albert Pike New York, Dutton 1961

Name PILLOW, Gideon Johnson
Born June 8 1806, Williamson Cty TN
Died October 8 1878, Helena AR
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, Brig. Gen. then Maj. Gen. of state militia, Mexican War.
War Service 1861 senior Maj. Gen. of Tennessee provisional army, July 1861 Brig. Gen. in Confederate army, Belmont, Fort Donelson, suspended from command until August 1862, commanded 2nd Bde/1st Divn/Hardeeís Corps at Murfreesboro, administrative duties.
Post War Career Lawyer.
Further reading
Hughes, Nathaniel Cheairs The life and wars of Gideon J. Pillow Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina Press 1993

Name PRINCE DE POLIGNAC, Camille Armand Jules Marie
Born February 16 1832, Millemont, France
Died November 15 1913, Paris, France
Pre-War Profession French army, Crimean war, naturalist.
War Service July 1861 Lt. Col. on staff of Beauregard, Shiloh, Corinth, January 1863 Brig. Gen. on Taylor's staff in Trans Mississippi, command Polignacís Bde/Moutonís Divn in Red River campaign, Mansfield, June 1863 Maj. Gen., traveled to France to seek support for the Confederacy, was there when the war ended.
Post War Career Stayed in France, studied mathematics, Franco-Prussian war.
Notes The last surviving Maj. Gen. of the Confederacy.

Name POLK, Leonidas
Born April 10 1806, Raleigh NC
Died June 14 1864, Pine Mountain GA
Pre-War Profession West Point 1827, resigned 1827, minister, bishop.
War Service June 1861 Maj. Gen., commanded Dept No. 2 (Red River to Kentucky), replaced by A S Johnston, Belmont, commanded a corps at Shiloh, Perryville, October 1862 Lt. Gen., Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, argued with Bragg, transferred to command the Dept of Alabama Mississippi and East Louisiana, commanded Polkís Corps in Atlanta campaign, killed by artillery fire while observing Union positions at Pine Mountain.
Notes A favourite of President Davis.
Further reading
Parks, Joseph H General Leonidas Polk C.S.A. : the fighting bishop Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University Press 1992

Name POLK, Lucius Eugene
Born July 10 1833, Salisbury NC
Died December 1 1892, Columbia TN
Pre-War Profession Planter.
War Service 1861 Pvt. in Yell Rifles, later part of 15th Arkansas, 2nd Lt., Shiloh (w), April 1862 Col., Richmond KY (w), Perryville, December 1862 Brig. Gen., commanded 1st Bde/Cleburne's Divn at Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, Atlanta campaign, Kennesaw Mountain (w), resigned as unfit for duty.
Post War Career Politician.
Notes Nephew of Gen. Leonidas Polk.

Name POSEY, Carnot
Born August 5 1818, Wilkinson Cty MS
Died November 13 1863, Charlottesville VA
Pre-War Profession Planter, lawyer, Mexican War, US district attorney.
War Service 1861 recruited Wilkinson Rifles - Capt., July 1861 Col. of 16th Mississippi, Second Manassas, Harper's Ferry, Sharpsburg, November 1862 Brig. Gen., commanded Poseyís Bde/R H Anderson's Divn at Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Bristoe Station (w), died of infection.

Name PRESTON, John Smith
Born April 20 1809, nr Abingdon VA
Died May 1 1881, Columbia SC
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, sugar planter, politician.
War Service 1861 aide to Beauregard, Lt. Col. as assistant adjutant general, recruiting duty in South Carolina, April 1863 Col., superintendent of Bureau of Conscription, June 1864 Brig. Gen..
Post War Career Traveled abroad, returned to US.

Name PRESTON, William
Born October 16 1816, nr Louisville KY
Died September 21 1887, Lexington KY
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, Mexican War, politician, US congressman, minister to Spain.
War Service 1861 aide to A S Johnston, April 1862 Brig. Gen. in commanded Prestonís Bde/Breckenridge's Divn at Corinth, Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Chattanooga, appointed Confederate minister to Imperial Mexican government, unable to get there, service in Trans Mississippi.
Post War Career Lived abroad, returned to US, lawyer, politician.
Notes Brother in law of A S Johnston.

Name PRICE, Sterling "Old Pap"
Born September 20 1809, Prince Edward Cty VA
Died September 29 1867, St Louis MO
Pre-War Profession Farmer, Mexican War, politician, US congressman, governor, commander of Missouri state troops.
War Service May 1861 commanded Missouri militia at Wilson's Creek, Elkhorn Tavern, March 1862 Maj. Gen. in Confederate Provisional army, Iuka, Corinth (October 1862), Helena, helped repulse Camden expedition, Price's Missouri raid.
Post War Career Went to Mexico, returned to US in 1866.
Further reading
Castel, Albert General Sterling Price and the Civil War in the West Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University Press 1994
Shalhope, Robert E Sterling Price; portrait of a Southerner Columbia MO, University of Missouri Press 1971

Name PRYOR, Roger Atkinson
Born July 19 1828, nr Petersburg VA
Died March 14 1919, New York NY
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, newspaper editor, US congressman.
War Service 1861 accompanied Beauregard at Fort Sumter, entered Confederate Congress, resigned, April 1861 Col. of 3rd Virginia, Williamsburg, April 1862 Brig. Gen., commanded 5th Bde/Longstreet's Divn in Seven Days, Second Manassas, Sharpsburg, his brigade was then dismantled due to losses, scouted for Jackson, resigned August 1863, scouting duty, captured November 1864, exchanged shortly before Appomattox.
Post War Career Lawyer, newspaperman, judge.
Further reading
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