Name RAINS, Gabriel James
Born June 4 1803, Craven Cty NC
Died August 6 1881, Aiken SC
Pre-War Profession West Point 1827, Seminole War, Mexican War, resigned July 1861.
War Service September 1861 Brig. Gen., commanded Rains’ Bde/D H Hill's Divn in Peninsula campaign, criticised for use of land mines, Seven Pines, censured by Hill for poor performance, held no further field command, superintendent of volunteer and conscript bureau, developed mine and torpedo devices in the Torpedo Bureau.
Post War Career Clerk in US Quartermaster Dept.

Name RAINS, James Edward
Born April 10 1833, Nashville TN
Died December 31 1862, Murfreesboro TN
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, newspaper editor, US district attorney.
War Service 1861 Pvt. in 11th Tennessee, May 1861 Col., Cumberland Gap, Kentucky campaign, November 1862 Brig. Gen., commanded 2nd Bde/McCown’s Divn at Murfreesboro (k).

Name RAMSEUR, Stephen Dodson
Born May 31 1837, Lincolnton NC
Died October 20 1864, Cedar Creek VA
Pre-War Profession West Point 1860, resigned April 1861.
War Service 1861 Capt. in Ellis Light Artillery, April 1862 Col. of 49th North Carolina, Seven Days, Malvern Hill (w), November 1862 Brig. Gen., commanded Ramseur’s Bde/Rodes' Divn at Chancellorsville (w), Gettysburg, Wilderness, Spotsylvania (w), June 1864 Maj. Gen., command Ramseur’s Divn in Shenandoah Valley campaign, Winchester, Fisher's Hill, Cedar Creek (mw), died the following day.
Notes Youngest West Pointer to become a Maj. Gen. in the Confederate army.
Further reading
Gallagher, Gary W Stephen Dodson Ramseur, Lee's gallant general Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina Press 1985

Name RANDOLPH, George Wythe
Born March 10 1818, "Monticello", Charlottesville VA
Died April 3 1867, nr Charlottesville VA
Pre-War Profession Midshipman, lawyer, organised the Richmond Howitzers in Virginia militia.
War Service 1861 Maj. in Richmond Howitzers, Col., Magruder's chief of artillery at Big Bethel, February 1862 Brig. Gen., resigned to become President Davis' Secretary of War, resigned November 1862.
Post War Career Traveled abroad for health reasons, returned to US after the war, died of tuberculosis.
Notes Grandson of Thomas Jefferson.
Further reading
Shackelford, George Green George Wythe Randolph and the Confederate elite Athens, University of Georgia Press 1988

Name RANSOM, Matt Whitaker
Born October 8 1826, Warren Cty NC
Died October 8 1904, nr Garysburg NC
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, politician.
War Service 1861 Pvt. in 1st North Carolina, Lt. Col., Peninsula campaign, Seven Days, Malvern Hill (w), April 1862 Col. of 35th North Carolina, in Ransom's (his younger brother's) brigade, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg, June 1863 Brig. Gen. succeeding his brother in command of his brigade, Plymouth, Weldon, Suffolk, Petersburg, Second Drewry's Bluff (w), Fort Stedman, Five Forks, Appomattox.
Post War Career Lawyer, farmer, politician, US senator, minister to Mexico.

Name RANSOM, Robert Jr
Born February 12 1828, Warren Cty NC
Died January 14 1892, New Bern NC
Pre-War Profession West Point 1850, frontier duty, resigned 1861.
War Service 1861 Capt., August 1861 Col. of 1st North Carolina Cavalry, March 1862 Brig. Gen., command Ransom’s Bde/Longstreet’s Divn in Seven Days, Sharpsburg campaign, Fredericksburg, May 1863 Maj. Gen. in command of Dist. of Southeast Virginia, commanded cavalry under Longstreet in Tennessee, division command under Beauregard in Richmond defences, Second Drewry's Bluff, cavalry command in Shenandoah Valley under Breckenridge and Early, commanded 1st Military Dist. of South Carolina.
Post War Career Express agent, city marshal, farmer, civil engineer.

Name REYNOLDS, Alexander Welch
Born April 1816, Clarke Cty VA
Died May 26 1876, Alexandria, Egypt
Pre-War Profession West Point 1838, Seminole war, garrison duty, dismissed 1855 for failure to explain accounts irregularities, restored 1858, absented himself early 1861.
War Service March 1861 Capt., July 1861 Col. of 50th Virginia, Western Virginia, Vicksburg (s), September 1863 Brig. Gen., commanded Reynolds’ Bde/Stevenson's Divn at Chattanooga, Atlanta campaign, New Hope Church (w), commanded Dist. of Northeast Georgia, relieved because of poor performance.
Post War Career Served in Egyptian army.

Name REYNOLDS, Daniel Harris
Born December 14 1832, Centerburg OH
Died March 14 1902, Lake Village AR
Pre-War Profession Lawyer.
War Service 1861 raised a company, Capt. in 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles, Wilson's Creek, Maj., Lt. Col., served in East Tennessee and Kentucky, Chickamauga, September 1863 Col., March 1864 Brig. Gen., commanded Reynolds’ Bde/Stevenson’s Divn in Atlanta campaign, commanded Reynolds’ Bde/Walthall’s Divn in Franklin and Nashville campaign, Carolinas campaign, Bentonville (w,c).
Post War Career Lawyer, politician.

Name RICHARDSON, Robert Vinkler
Born November 4 1820, Granville Cty NC
Died January 6 1870, Clarkton MO
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, businessman (associate of Pillow and Forrest).
War Service 1861 served under Pillow, recruited 12th Tennessee Cavalry (1st Tennessee Partisan Rangers) - Col., Shiloh, Corinth, attached to Forrest's forces, December 1863 Brig. Gen., later his nomination was returned to the senate by President Davis, led 12th Tennessee in Franklin and Nashville campaign, lost his command in February 1865.
Post War Career Lawyer, businessman, murdered by an unknown assailant.

Name RIPLEY, Roswell Sabine
Born March 14 1823, Worthington OH
Died March 29 1887, New York NY
Pre-War Profession West Point 1843, Mexican War, Seminole war, resigned US army 1853, Maj. in South Carolina militia.
War Service 1861 Lt. Col., commanded artillery in Charleston Harbor during Fort Sumter bombardment, August 1861 Brig. Gen., commanded the Dept. of South Carolina, Peninsula campaign, commanded Ripley’s Bde/D H Hill's Divn in Seven Days, Sharpsburg (w), recalled to South Carolina, commanded 1st Artillery Dist., joined Johnston in North Carolina, Bentonville.
Post War Career Businessman in US and abroad.

Name ROANE, John Selden
Born January 8 1817, Wilson Cty TN
Died April 8 1867, Pine Bluff AR
Pre-War Profession Politician, Mexican War, governor of Arkansas.
War Service March 1862 Brig. Gen., commanded Confederate forces in Arkansas, served under Hindman at Prairie Grove, garrison and detached duty in Trans Mississippi.
Post War Career

Name ROBERTS, William Paul
Born July 11 1841, Gates Cty NC
Died March 28 1910, Norfolk VA
Pre-War Profession
War Service 1861 Pvt. in 19th North Carolina (later 2nd North Carolina Cavalry), served in North Carolina, 1st Lt., Fredericksburg, Suffolk, Brandy Station, Capt., Maj., June 1864 Col., Petersburg campaign, February 1865 Brig. Gen., commanded Roberts’ Bde/W H F Lee’s Divn at Five Forks, Appomattox.
Post War Career Politician, state auditor.
Notes Youngest general in Confederate service.

Name ROBERTSON, Beverly Holcombe
Born June 5 1827, Amelia Cty VA
Died November 12 1910, Washington DC
Pre-War Profession West Point 1849, frontier duty with 2nd Dragoons, dismissed for disloyalty August 1861.
War Service 1861 Capt. in Confederate adjutant general's department, September 1861 Col. of 4th Virginia Cavalry, cavalry command in Jackson's Shenandoah Valley campaign, June 1862 Brig. Gen., commanded Robertson’s Bde/Stuart's Divn in Second Manassas campaign, service in North Carolina, Brandy Station, transferred to South Carolina, commanded South Carolina 2nd Military Dist., defended Charleston.
Post War Career Insurance agent.
Notes Criticised for his performance by Jackson, D H Hill and Stuart.

Name ROBERTSON, Felix Huston
Born March 9 1839, Washington TX
Died April 20 1928, Waco TX
Pre-War Profession Attended West Point from 1857 but resigned January 1861.
War Service March 1861 2nd Lt. of artillery, Fort Sumter, duty in Florida, Capt., Shiloh, Murfreesboro, Maj., commanded a battalion at Chickamauga, Lt. Col. in charge of Wheeler's artillery, Atlanta campaign, July 1864 Brig. Gen. in command of a cavalry division (not confirmed by senate), Buck Head Creek (w), retired from active field command.
Post War Career Lawyer.
Notes Last surviving Confederate general.

Name ROBERTSON, Jerome Bonaparte "Polly"
Born March 14 1815, Woodford Cty KY
Died January 7 1891, Waco TX
Pre-War Profession Apprentice hatter, soldier in Texas Republic, doctor, politician.
War Service 1861 Capt. in 5th Texas, Lt. Col., June 1862 Col., Seven Days, Second Manassas, South Mountain, Sharpsburg campaign, November 1862 Brig. Gen., commanded Hood's Bde/Hood's Divn at Fredericksburg, Gettysburg (w), Chickamauga, Knoxville campaign, court-martial charges preferred by Longstreet (not carried out), transferred to Texas to command reserve forces.
Post War Career Doctor, superintendent of state bureau of immigration, railroad builder.
Notes Father of Gen F H Robertson

Name RODDEY, Philip Dale
Born April 2 1826, Moulton AL
Died July 20 1897, London, England
Pre-War Profession Tailor, sheriff, steamboat deckhand.
War Service 1861 organised Tishomingo Rangers - Capt., scouting duties, Shiloh, Iuka, Corinth, December 1862 Col. of 4th Alabama, fought Streight's Union cavalry, August 1863 Brig. Gen., commanded Roddey’s Bde/Martin's cavalry Divn at Chickamauga, Chattanooga campaign, Brice's Cross Roads, Franklin and Nashville campaign, Forrest's Alabama campaign, retreat from Selma.
Post War Career Businessman.

Name RODES, Robert Emmett
Born March 29 1829, Lynchburg VA
Died September 19 1864, Winchester VA
Pre-War Profession Graduated VMI 1848, assistant professor, civil engineer.
War Service June 1861 Col. of 5th Alabama, First Manassas, October 1861 Brig. Gen., commanded Rodes’ Bde/D H Hill's Divn in Peninsula campaign, Seven Pines (w), Seven Days, South Mountain, Sharpsburg, commanded division at Chancellorsville, May 1863 Maj. Gen., commanded Rodes’ Divn/II Corps at Gettysburg, Spotsylvania, Third Winchester (mw).
Notes A modest but inspiring leader.
Further reading
Swisher, James K Warrior in Gray: General Robert Rodes of Lee's Army Shippensburg PA, White Mane Books 2001

Name ROSS, Lawrence Sullivan “Sul”
Born September 27 1838, Bentonsport IA
Died January 3 1898, College Station TX
Pre-War Profession Indian fighter, Texas ranger.
War Service 1861 Pvt., Maj. in 6th Texas Cavalry, May 1862 Col., Corinth, December 1863 Brig. Gen., commanded a brigade under Wheeler, Atlanta campaign.
Post War Career Farmer, sheriff, politician, governor, college president.
Notes Regularly commended by his superiors.
Further reading
Benner, Judith Ann Sul Ross, soldier, statesman, educator College Station, Texas A&M University Press 1983

Name ROSSER, Thomas Lafayette
Born October 15 1836, Campbell Cty VA
Died March 29 1910, Charlottesville VA
Pre-War Profession Entered West Point 1856, resigned before graduation in April 1861.
War Service 1861 1st Lt. as artillery instructor, First Manassas, Peninsula campaign, May 1862 Col. of 5th Virginia Cavalry, Mechanicsville (w), September 1863 Brig. Gen., commanded the Laurel Brigade, Shenandoah Valley campaign, November 1864 Maj. Gen., raided into West Virginia, escaped at Appomattox.
Post War Career Railroad engineer, Brig. Gen. in Spanish-American war.
Further reading
Bushong, Millard Kessler Fightin' Tom Rosser, C.S.A. Shippensburg PA, Beidel Printing House 1983

Name RUGGLES, Daniel
Born January 31 1810, Barre MA
Died June 1 1897, Fredericksburg VA
Pre-War Profession West Point 1833, Seminole war, Mexican War, resigned US army May 1861.
War Service August 1861 Brig. Gen., commanded 1st Divn/II Corps at Shiloh, administrative duties for the rest of the war, head of prison system in 1865.
Post War Career Realtor, farmer, member of the West Point board of visitors.

Name RUST, Albert
Born 1818 Fauquier Cty VA
Died April 4 1870, Little Rock AR
Pre-War Profession Lawyer, politician, US congressman, resigned March 1861.
War Service 1861 recruited 3d Arkansas - July 1861 Col., Cheat Mountain campaign, March 1862 Brig. Gen., Corinth (October 1862), served under Sterling Price in Trans Mississippi, served under Hindman, Pemberton and Taylor.
Post War Career Farmer.

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