On the name "Morphett"

There is some information on the Morphett families of South Australia on the web. There is even a short Wikipedia article (

My maternal great-great-grandfather, Richard Morphett, arrived in Adelaide from London via ship, "Taglioni", on 10 October 1842. In 1843 he married Lucy du Rieu. They had 13 children, all of whom survived to adulthood and were married.

His brother (Jeremiah) and wife (Mary) had emigrated a few years earlier (arriving 15 May 1838 on the ship "Trusty"). According to the web site "BOUND FOR SOUTH AUSTRALIA - PASSENGER LISTS 1836-1851" ( with them on that voyage was also the father of the brothers (Jeremiah senior) and his wife (Ann). However, there is no corroborating evidence for Jeremiah (senior) being on that ship. Indeed, records in Kent (from where the family came) indicate that he died and was buried there on 5 August 1837. It would appear that his travel to South Australia did not occur and that the above-mentioned web site is in error. The passenger lists from the ship no longer exist, there are no newspaper lists of passengers, and the "BOUND FOR SOUTH AUSTRALIA" web site has no way of contacting anyone to determine where they got their information from.