Because of copyright and permission, you won't find most of my work published on this website. Please contact me if you would like to see examples of photographs that involve people, government programs or private companies.

What I can show on this site are landscapes, conservation and wildlife images that are just some of my passions!

I am dedicated to making the best photographs possible. I am used to working in a wide variety of places photographing many subjects. For example I have photographed office workers, farmers, factory staff, families, park visitors, social welfare groups, waste management facilities, factories, construction, housing, worm farms, environmental projects, threatened species, farm operations, remote deserts, tall forests, rivers, and private and public conservation areas. These assignments take me to every state and territory of Australia.

I try to be mindful with every assignment; getting to know the subject matter in detail to understand what might be represented photographically. I have qualifications and background in science, agriculture, environmental management, conservation and an interest in Indigenous issues, social equity and music.

In essence, I try to take an ethic approach to photography, preferring projects that clearly benefit the wider community.

My other passion

I also make musical instruments.

our work

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