Timoshenko Aslanides: Australian poet

To order any of the books listed below, simply send me an email naming the books you want. I will then reply with a PayPal invoice that includes a quote for the packing and air mail postage of your books to wherever you live in Australia, or the rest of the world. PayPal is easy and safe and saves time, as well as the punitive bank fees involved in cashing overseas cheques. For domestic deliveries I will also accept personal cheques, subject to clearance -- but do try PayPal if you can. Overseas purchasers must use PayPal. My email address consists of my first name, timoshenko, followed by @grapevine.com.au.

My books are available from me because I published the first two (The Greek Connection and Passacaglia and Fugue) myself and because (for books up to and including Stop Words), I bought up remaindered stock from my various publishers and because (for Versatility through to Troubadour) of my partnership publishing arrangement with Hybrid Publishers. Prices are given in Australian dollars.

Stop Words2011$19.95
Collected Sonnets2010$16.00
Occasions for Words2006$28.00
A calendar of flowers2001$16.00
Australian Alphabet1992$16.00
Australian Things1990$15.00
One Hundred Riddles1984$16.00
Passacaglia and Fugue1979$12.50
The Greek connection1977$25.00

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